Sunday, March 15, 2009


Looking for a place to live is the most frustrating and annoying thing ever! Our contract at the Foothill Apartments us up on March 31st and we are going to move because we don't want to spend as much as we are, and the rent is going up. So we started looking for a place, we found a basement in Sandy and we set up a time to go look at it the next day. The morning of our appointment the owner texted Heather and informed her that someone had just rented it. That was the start to our long search. We have gone and looked at a handful of places and they are all old and crappy. Everything we find is either way over priced or old and ugly. If anybody knows anybody who knows anybody that has a decent looking basement apartment or something let us know.

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The Holtry's said...

where are you guys looking? what is your price range?