Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love to travel, and love to see the world. I have always loved to go on spontaneous trips to southern Utah and other places like that. Starting with my mission to the Dominican Republic I got the urge to travel more than a little bit further south and to see the world. If I had the money to travel here are the top 5 places I would want to go:

New Zealand




and of course, it wouldn't be me without a ski trip to


Where would you go?


Carlita said...

New Zealand! And then to Colorado to see FOTC in person :)

let's go on a trip soon guys.

anywhere is good right now.

FU said...

Hmmmm. I seem to recall packing you around the Eastern Carribean once upon a time. Or did you forget the cherries jubilee and fried mozzarella sticks! F.U.

On Ragsdale Dr said...

Dear FU, of course I remember how could I forget. I loved the steak every night too, I wish I could remember how the cherries jubilee tasted. You didn't answer the question though?

FU said...

New Zealand

Mel said...

I'm thinking...Ireland, Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, and I would go back to Chile. It's so hard to just pick 5!

FU said...

I have to throw in a skiing destination. Always wanted to do Chamonix! F.U.