Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Fever

Last week was spring break for me at the U and so Heather took the week off of work and we went down to St. George for a couple days. We had an awesome time playing and relaxing. We got new tennis raquets for Christmas so we got our first use out of those and had a blast. We swam and sat by the pool so Heather could get some sun, we did some shopping, and we ate some good food at the Pizza Factory. We came home on Thursday and then on Friday went up to Midway Utah to our friends cabin. We played games, ate food, watched movies and had an awesome time.
With all the nice warm weather we had last week we started to get the itch that comes every year at this time. This time of year is always hard because it is is sad to say goodbye to the ski season, but exciting anticipating the coming summer. I started thinking about biking and how I sold my bike last fall, in order to get new skis that are awesome, and I was going to miss it this summer. Heather then suggested I use a bit of our tax return and get a bike, honestly it was her idea. So I started lookin and I it, the one! I bought it off of ksl from a guy who is a bike mechanic at Outdoors Unlimited in Provo, so this bike is awesome condition. I am stoked!

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