Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For Labor Day weekend we headed down to ZION with a group of amazing friends. It wasn't intended to be a farewell to summer, but in a way it was. And it was the BEST way to conclude it. We hiked and rapelled and hiked and laughed and hiked and rapelled some more and laughed again and then relaxed with great food and friends. We went down with our friends the Matt and Carla Thorup (who organized the whole thing....thanks guys!), Melina and Spencer (the ultimate and most prepared campers I've ever met - and not to mention, the best dutch oven cookin! Thanks for dinner and breakfast!), Mark and Cassie (engaged!! Congrats guys!), and Tyler and Marie (who were kind enough to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with our crazy bunch - so fun!).

We drove down Thursday night and enjoyed a thrilling evening of "Star Dust" the movie as we drove in the great Thorup suburban. I felt like calling Carla and Matt mom and pop and complaining that someone was in my space. Are we there yet?? Actually, the drive went very fast. And for everyone you doesn't know or hasn't seen this movie Star Dust, I highly recommend it.


Friday we spent the WHOLE day hiking in the Subway. I've heard Josh talk about this hike for years and I couldn't wait to do it. It was all he said it would be and more. Beautiful and LONG! We hiked for 8 hours from start to finish. But it was worth it! As you will see below...

Josh and Carla warned us there would there would be a few spells of swimming in super cold water, but the water really wasn't too bad. Granted, it did take your breath away and this first swim showed all our true colors. The water is MUCH colder than it looks. Spencer, by far, won the best screaming award on this one!

There were few rappels we had to do. And yes, we were all hard core and didn't use harnesses on any of them, just our brute strength and the rope. Matt here exemplifies that.

Josh was dubbed the true MAN of the group, as he used it often and guided us through the hostile, yet attractive environment. He carried the rope, helped us all down, and showed us all up with his mad skills.
I love him.

Our men/boys "fishing"...

Dinosaur tracks!
And then after literally after hours of walking up and down the river side, around and over rocks and boulders of all shapes and sizes, in and out of water, we hiked up to the top of this mountain! We all made it and were fulfilled with the accomplishment of our journey....and we were very, very thirsty and hungry. Somehow we all ran out of water before the mountain or during the hike up the mountain. And then, like the typical granola Zion hiker, we went to dinner at Oscars in our dirty, smelly clothes and bare foot, for many of us. We all had giant burgers, but Marie was the champion. She ordered and ate 1/2 of her 3 pattie beast!

Thanks, Subway! It was a great to finally meet you! Until next time...


Carlita said...

eee! these pics make me giddy just thinking about that weekend!

excellent pictures :)

Jake Spurlock said...

Man, looks like fun! You guys need to take the Spurlocks down sometime...