Monday, December 6, 2010

Candles, Roses, & Snowflakes

Three years ago today I was in class from 8am - 7pm at BYU. Josh had been home from his mission almost 3 months and was working at Boston Group. I asked him on my way home that evening what he wanted to do. Corn snow was coming down like crazy and he decided that we should drive up to Snowbird to see what the snow levels were like. Of course, I agreed. We heart snow.

He picked me up in his dad's shiny, fast sports car. I wore a new white coat. We wandered for a short time and found ourselves outside on a secluded balcony in the snow falling from the heavens. Candles twinkled in the night and the faint smell of roses wafted through the air. We sat down. He pulled out a ring and asked if I would marry him. I exclaimed, "Yes!" We toasted to our awaiting future with Sparkling Cider and excited anticipation. Life has only gotten better!


melissa said...

Aww, that's sweet. I even got a tear! And Heather, this may sound weird, but you have the most beautiful hands (especially in this pic). We had such a fun night with you guys on Friday! I'm so glad you married such a cool guy that likes the guy that I married so that we can all hang out together. :)

carla thorup said...

bless your hearts!

Jeff and Mallory said...

you guys are the cutest! Hope you are doing well!