Thursday, June 23, 2011

02.14.11 Heart Day

Even though Josh and I have only been married for three years, we've shared five Valentines Days together. Looking back, the first one has to be the most comical. We had "broken up" two days before Valentines Day. Then commenced a series of ironic happenstances...

#1 When the blessed V-day holiday rolled around, we decided we still wanted to share that evening together. So Josh drove to Provo in the rain to take me out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant there, Brick Oven.
#3 As I got in his Mighty Max truck, we exchanged notes sharing reasons why we admired and cherished one another.
#4 We walked into Brick Oven and, low and behold, my parents and older brother (by 3 years) were sitting in a booth eating dinner!
#5 Not ones to shy from family fun, we joined them in their booth!
#6 The night was still young when we finished eating, and we weren't ready to end the night. So Josh & I did what any co-ed in Provo would do and went bowling at Fat Cats.
#7 My brother came with us!
#8 When the party was over, Josh took be back to my dorm, and he and my brother drove home together. And from what Josh has said, he and my brother sat in the driveway of my parents for quite some time talking about missions, girls, school, etc. Ya know, all that man stuff.

As it all unfolded that night, I thought it was fine. It really was a lot of fun! Afterall, I was with two of my best friends! Oh, the irony of that night.

A couple years later we resumed our dating relationship, obviously. We're married. Since then we've taken turns planning & executing the great love day of the year. It's been alot of fun, I highly recommend it. This year was my turn and I was so excited! Josh had to work a long day so I came up with some fun ideas to make the entire day special for him.

Got up at 6am and heart attacked his car. Surprise!

I made a surprise visit to Josh at work with these balloons and frosted valentines sugar cookies. Surprise! He loved the attention. He then came home to a homemande applie pie {his favorite dessert}, a list I made of 14 Things I Love about him, and a little gift to purchase later.

Then headed to Macaroni Grill for dinner. Yum!

My gift from Josh {inside the card it said I could "read to my hearts content." He knows me well!}

I absolutely LOVE surprises! If I can surprise Josh, I consider it a job well done, especially if I can embarrass him a little too. This Valentine's Day was a job well done :) Love you, Josh!

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melissa said...

Heather, you are just so pretty! And smart, fun, thoughtful, the list goes on... Josh is one lucky guy. And he's not too bad himself, either. All this blogging you're doing sure makes me miss you guys! We'll be sure to hang out when we come in August.