Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Abstract Cake

Josh and I like to create art. And this is art. It may not be the form of art you are used to, but that could be because you aren't used to abstract art. This is what I fondly call Abstract Cake.

After a long day of work and school, Josh decided to make a beautiful cake and eat it too. Then Heather tried to help by pouring the batter in the pans, and oops! She forgot (or didn't know) to flour the pan. So thus the beauty of Abstract Cake. Hey, who said delicious food had to look good?

And here is the consumption of the Abstract Cake! Don't worry, he didn't eat the whole thing. If he did, he would definitely be on his way to resembling the displayed Pillsbury Dough Boy. Woohoo!

1 comment:

Juice said...

I was a witness of the cake. An eye witness at that!