Sunday, September 21, 2008

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams." Mr. Wonka.
So Heather and I thought it would be fun to catch up with the times and start a blog, it seems as if everyone has one these days and we were falling behind. I enjoy designing and creating things, and Heather enjoys writing and sharing ideas and stories so I figured it would be perfect for us to have a blog.
So this week has been a fun busy week, we have done a lot. Starting with last weekend, we got our first pet, a Betta fish. It was on a whim, we were at the local Wal-mart and Heather was getting some soap and stuff and my brother Clark and I felt awkward it those girlie aisles so we went down to the pet area and I decided I had to have fish, and Heather concurred. We got a classic round fish bowl from Michaels, the craft store, and a bright red Betta for only 3.47 from Wal-mart. Now our pet Poiseidon is a great accent to our table.
Thursday was a good day, after studying all day long in the institute, even longer than usual because my writing class was canceled, and Heather was at work, we were both excited to come home and head up the canyon. We went rock climbing with our good friends Matt and Carla Thorup up Big cottonwood canyon, a little bit above above dogwood camp area. Then when it got to dark we went down and got some Little Ceasers pizza, yummy.

Also Heather was asked to help with the Relief Society Broadcast next weekend so we spent a couple of late nights, really late nights, cutting and glue letters out to make six posters. We got that done early Saturday morning, and what a relief to be done.
Saturday we went up to Snowbird and spent a couple hours wandering around Oktoberfest. I remember going once as a little kid with my grandparents, and now that I realize you have to love drinking bear to like Oktoberfest and wonder why my grandparents took me?
We are watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and as charlie puts his everlasting gobstopper on Wonka's desk "a glimmer of hope, in a weary world," and to finish the movie and this post, "do you know what happened to the man that suddenly got everything he wanted? He lived happily ever after."


Carla and Matt said...

HOLLER. We are SO blog friends now. and also, let's go climbing and then laugh a lot. Always muy bien.

Juice said...

Nice blog guys! Thanks for the little push Josh, your blog motivated me to do my first post since last semester in Logan!

Clark said...

Well, i find it an insult you had to say "my brother clark," why not just Clark? Also, spell it "aisles." PS, why wasn't i invited to the climbing extravaganza? even if i had i dunno...i think i broke my wrist again :( Beside that stuff, i am taken aghast and am exceedingly astonished by your wonderful site my brother and sister.

FU said...

Josh: You gotta love Octoberfest even if you don't drink "bear". Let's count the ways.
1. Octoberfest is in the Mountains.
2. You have German in your blood from your Grandma's family.
3. German food
4. Polka music
5. You should never grow tired of seeing old guys in shorts doing the chicken dance.
6. Octoberfest is a precursor to Winter and skiing.

I rest my case.