Sunday, November 2, 2008


This Halloween Josh and I spent the whole month celebrating. We decorated our apartment with pumpkins and witches, carved pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns twice, decorated cupcakes to look like spiders, made delicious caramel popcorn, and dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the annual Hanks Halloween Party! To say the least, it was a blast! I love Halloween!

These were our first set of pumpkins You can't see it too well, but Josh's pumpkin is two creepy hands coming at you with glaring eyes. And mine is a pumpkin that looks like he's going to eat you. Haha!

We carved pumpkins again on Halloween Eve with our good friends Shawn and Melissa (they did the above jack-o-lantern) and Chase and Amanda! Party it up!

These are the spider cupcakes...I also made some with black licorice for legs, but the green legs looked a lot cooler and tasted infinitely better

At work some of us dressed up for Halloween. My cute nieces (Sharpe from High School Musical and Tinkerbell) came around trick-or-treating at the office too! I gave them full size candy and I was easily the coolest aunt ever.

We had a Halloween Potluck at work too...I made the nummy caramel popcorn and brought a delicious drink with floating hands!


Carla and Matt said...

your spider cupcakes turned out SO much cuter than the ones we made earlier! Love that. Next year we'll go even more all-out. So fun.

Amy and Troy said...

Heather I'm so excited you have a blog! It really helps with keeping in touch! We will definitely have to get together with everyone sometime soon. Let's make it happen.