Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday Was a great day! We slept in for a bit and got up and together we made some great muffins for breakfast. We headed up to Deer Valley to get in some skiing. They usually don't get as much snow up there as everywhere else but still it was good snow, soft and fun. Finally off to the side in the trees we found a short little area with some great snow! It was awesome!

We had to leave earlier than we would have liked, but we headed down the canyon and went straight to Litzas Pizza down town for the annual Hanks party. Every year we go Litzas and have pizza and then we all go to Temple Square and walk around to see the lights. Its always fun to be with family and eat good food. After we had all gotten frozen we took off, we went to the Hanks house and watched the BYU vs. Arizona game, sorry Cougar fans:(
All in all, a great day, skiing, food and football, all in the same day.

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