Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today we went skiing as usual, I know big surprise, but today we got to ski with Uncle Scott which is always a treat. He mentioned how he and my other uncle Grant often check and read our blog, it made be feel bad for not making a post in a while so here it is.
It has been a great holiday season, we played with friends and family lots, and enjoyed all the snow especially. Christmas eve we spent with the Hanks' and had fun ice skating and eating and playing together, then we went to the Ragsdale's on Christmas day and did the same. Heather and I gave each other ski stuff.
The day after Christmas we raced up to Deer Valley because over night they recieved 28 inches of blessed powder! We skied hard all day and Heather got some great pics of me jumping of cliffs, and I even did a back flip and landed and skied away, but the batteries were dead by then.
That night, because we couldn't make it back to the Hanks on Christmas, we went over there to exchange gifts with Heather's parents. They gave a sweet little digital camcorder, the JVC Everio S, it is tiny and we have been taking it with us everywhere and making lots of ski movies.

On Monday Heather had to work so I went and played basketball with brother Clark, it was fun until I ended up spraining my ankle! Then that afternoon I went to Heather's work and we got lunch, we went to Costa Vida because she got a gift card there from work, just so you know Costa Vida is gross and Cafe Rio is WAY better. So because of my ankle I had to take a few days off from skiing, until yesterday and today which meant we didn't get to go over New Years, which is ok I guess. On New Years Eve we went and ate lil smokies and chips and dip and candy at my parents house, Clark had some friends over so it was a party. Me and one of Clark's friends, Joeseph spent an hour at least playing the tanks game on the new Wii, we wanted to get to level 14 but we both kept dying on 13, we were super frustrated. Heather finished making a scarf she had been working on for weeks.

I know this doesn't matter much to my wife but I have to give a huge cheer to our UTES! Last night was the big Sugar Bowl game against Alabama, it was awesome! Melissa, Heather's friend is moving down to Texas so her friends had a party last night so we had to drive down to Provo in a snow storm, but thank goodness the game was on when we got there and while all the girls chated all the guys watched the amazing game. GO UTES!

So we just want to wish everybody a happy new year and say good luck on all of your new years resolutions. Also, a shout out to my uncles, both want to be known as Favorite Uncle, but I can't call them that in front of each other or else that would turn one away which would mean less Christmas presents each year so I can't do that. (thanks for the presents both of you.)


FU said...

I am the one and only true F.U. (Favorite Uncle) Scott

Carla and Matt said...

oh you two. we need to have another craft night. matt and i are currently sewing... but we'd like to do something awesome with you guys again. we didn't see enough of each other over the holidays.

FU2 said...

Scott is a pretender - Grant is the true FU.