Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School Sale

Well I know everyone else has already been at it for a week or more, but today was my first day back at the lovely U of U campus. Today was my first class, a Spanish class with the same teacher I had last semester, she annoys me to death but she is the only one that teaches the class, so what can ya do. Then I went to the book store to look for books, I ended up getting only two, because the book for one class isn't in yet and I'm confused about the book for another class, the crazy thing is for those two books I bought it cost 200 bucks! Ridiculous!
Although today was kind of rough I am trying to be optimistic and think the rest of the week and classes will be better.
Good luck to all of you in school, and to those of you who aren't in school as well, we all need some good luck sometimes.

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FU said...

When it comes to books for school Sam feels your pain. He is taking an english class this semester and the course required him to purchase 5 text books for 1 class. What a rip off!