Sunday, January 25, 2009


Friday evening Joshua and I made an excursion to the Temple with a couple friends. We arrived at 6pm so we could do the 6:20 session. However, the rest of the valley must have decided to go to the Temple Friday night as well. I've never seen it so busy! They ran out of lockers for the women, so they gave us large dress bags to put our stuff in. We were initially told we were in line for the 7:40 session, but we made it into the 7:20, so that was good. The Temple is always beautiful and I love the spirit there. It's a little piece of heaven in the midst of this hectic world. I am always a little happier and little more at peace with life afterwords. When we came out of the Temple, it was super foggy! I can't remember the last time we had fog like this. So here's a pic of the Temple in the fog...makes for a pretty cool picture at night :)

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Amy and Troy said...

I love the temple! Never been on a Friday night though and from your story, I don't think I want to! Cool picture too, Heather, hope you're doing well.