Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hair Cut Diaries

My friend Matt recently had a hair cut crisis, my story isn't quite as good as his, but it upset me. Sp this picture is me as of yesterday afternoon, I love my shaggy hair but I finally decided it was time to clean it up a bit. I think I might be a little weird but when I finally decide to cut my hair, I have to get it done, so later yesterday afternoon I went down the the 9 to 9 Barber Shop, I love that place because they shave your neck with a blade, and offer you a shoulder rub, awesome! So they barber finished cutting my hair, it looked ok in the mirror he handed me so he finished, cleaned my neck up good, rubbed my shoulders and I paid and took off.
Later that night I showered and washed my hair and looked in the mirror, it was ok, but I though it looked kind of funny because the top was longer than the sides of my head, so much so that it looked kind of funny, but not horrible. The real problem that made me sick was the back of my head. My neck looks like this:
rounded corners! I guess it really doesn't look that bad but I hate it! I have always had nice square corners and I liked it. If you look close you can even see kind of a different color where there has always been hair. The barber didn't ask me how I wanted so I just figured he was doing it the way it has always been done by ever body without having to say anything.


FU said...

Sounds like a high class problem to me, if ya know what I mean! And I think you do. F.U.

FU2 said...

Quit your whining! Cut it while you've got it, if ya know what I mean!


Carlita said...

um... you could always buzz it down and start over. i think the rounded corners look... softer? haha. see you tonight - five guys!

Mel said...

I'm just wondering how it's possible that Shawn, Matt and you all got bad haircuts recently. What is the world coming to??