Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Car Troubles

At the very beginning of this week, I experience my car's first death. It was about 6pm on Monday evening when I came out of Rite Aid to drive the few blocks home. I got in the car, turned the key and absolutely nothing happened (sad face). I was heart broken. My car doesn't die. I realize it's 5 years old, but it's not supposed to ever die. It's supposed to be invincible! I called Josh and he came to my rescue with old jumper cables. He was even kind enough to show me how they spark when they touch. With Josh's expertise, we got it started and I drove my sad, moaning car home. Upon parking it, I hesitantly turned it off. And you know what? It wouldn't start again. It wouldn't even light up. It was totally and utterly dead. Sadness. There's something about a running's like it's alive. And when it doesn't even light up or make a noise, you get an empty feeling inside of you. We then proceeded to the car store to find a second life for my car. Luckily, they had several, but only a few options that would work my cute Honda. We purchased the Life Giver and headed home. At 11:30pm we pulled out the dead heart of my car and replaced it with the new one with the aid of Joshua's car's headlights and his own skills and tools. I acted as moral support in this hour of need. About midnight, the transplant was complete. I was honored enough to give it the first breath of life. I turned the key and it coughed for air and then it made the most wonderful sound! It hummed! It hummed stronger than before and I felt grateful for new car batteries and a husband who is so skilled.

Joshua showing off his MaD mAnLy SkiLLs!!

My car's new HEART

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Juice said...

All that manly stuff Heather mentions....josh learned it from his 2nd to last(and best) companion in the mission....