Monday, February 2, 2009

World Cup

Saturday was a very long but most excellent day.  It started as we arrived at Deer Valley at 9 in the morning and skied hard for a few good hours, the snow was good, the sun was up and couldn't have been better.  At about noon my aunt and uncle who were up there with us took us over and dropped us off at Park City Resort so we could watch the half pipe competition for a few hours.  We hiked about half way up the pipe and we watched from there.  It was awesome, those skiers were flying high and spinning like crazy, it was amazing!  When it was over we started walking down and we were going to try and catch a city bus to get back to our car at Deer Valley, the problem was we had no idea where to catch the bus.  Then we saw a Deer Valley work truck so we asked the two guys if they would mind giving us a ride back to the resort, the were super nice and said, "sure hop in, which parking lot are you in,"  how lucky was that!  They dropped us off and we suiting up and went a got in a few more runs before the end of the day. 
But our adventures don't end there, then our friend Shawn,( Melissa came up a little later), met up with us and we went to Davanzas in Park City and got a quick bite to eat, some pizza and fries and a drink for 6 bucks.  Then we rushed back up to Deer Valley and hiked up the bunny hill, which is much longer and steeper than you think skiing down it, and we got to the front row to watch the dual mogul competition.  Qualifying runs started at 5 and were supposed to go until 7 but right when we got there a skier crashed and the ski patrol had to put her in a sled and bring her all the way down, it took almost an hour.  The qualifying round went till about 8 the the finals began at 8:30 and went till almost 10.  It was super exciting and even though it was very cold, with all the jumping and dancing and yelling we stayed warm and smiling. When it was over, we found brother Scott and his wife Katie and we went to the 7 11 and got a drink and hot chocolate to end the night right.
Here is a movie a put together of the events, enjoy!


Carlita said...

that video was sweet! {the skiers and the editing} it almost makes me wish i was a skier... but mostly, it makes me wish i had a sweet camera like you two! well done sir.

On Ragsdale Dr said...

Thanks Carla.

sickniq said...

That was a way cool event it was great to see you there!