Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The only CONSTANT in life is CHANGE

Recently , I have had experienced a lot of change in my life. We moved a few weeks ago from our first apartment together to our second apartment together. We were hesitant to move, but we LOVE it. We are so happy where we are and we actually like it more than we thought we would. Thanks to all our family and friends who helped us move, providing manual labor and vehicles and trailers to transport all the STUFF we have somehow accumulated in the almost past year. Gone are the days of moving everything on your own in one car load! Furniture changes that. (So a shout out to Camille, Russ, Clark, Shawn, Melissa, Parker, Scott, and Katie!)

The week after we moved, I started a totally new job. In times when people are getting laid off left and right, including my friends, I was hired into a new, permanent, great job with great people to work with and a stable income. I feel very lucky and I am very grateful.
And then a few days later, I cut my hair! And all the change has all been great! It got me thinking today about all the major and minor changes I've experienced in my life. Despite being anxious about some changes and even a little pessimistic at times, every change I've experienced has changed my life for the better. And I've always ended up loving it all more than I expected to. 

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FU said...

Hey Josh: Nice pic of you and Clark with the all of the clothes. I have heard of a "walk in" closet, but a "walking" closet is really cool!