Friday, April 24, 2009

Biking Survival 101

My brother Clark and I went for a quick ride up little cottonwood canyon.  We rode up the temple quarry trail until we got far enough we were sick of pushing our bikes through snow.  We turned around and came rippin down throwing snow and mud everywhere!  About half way down Clark went off a little jump and came down and got a pinch flat in his back tire,(a pinch flat is where the tube gets pinched between a rock or the rim or something and gets a big whole).  We didn't have any extra tube and there is no way a patch could fix it so we resorted to an old trick I had learned.  One saturday morning years and years ago as a little boy I was watching this show on tv called "Trail Side" it was this outdoor show that I loved and this episode was about biking.  They showed how if you get a flat tire and can't fix it, cut the tube in half where the whole is and tie a knot in it, it should be a bumpy ride and not hold air for a long time, might have to pump it up a few times.  So I saw this like 10 years ago and I didn't know if it would really work but we had nothing to lose.  Believe it or not it worked and got us down the mountain it was pretty sweet.


Jake Spurlock said...

Is your camera having issues?

On Ragsdale Dr said...

No, I didn't have my camera, those are from my phone.