Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is Beautiful!

Joshua and I LOVE the winter. We love to ski more than anything. Nothing beats a day of waist deep, light, fluffy snow with a pair of skis. You've GOT to LOVE it! I can't fathom why anyone wouldn't love snow skiing. That is beyond me. And to do it with family makes it even better! I know I am one of those especially lucky wives who married a man who loves snow skiing as much as I do, which is saying a lot!

The WHOLE Hanks Family Skiing!

Despite our love of winter, we are SUPER excited for Spring. The holidays and warmer weather are superbly wonderful! First, we celebrated Easter by dying and decorating Easter Eggs.

Josh is quite the artist.

Then we made delicously scrumptious sugar cookies (Ragsdale family recipe!). I get excited for every holiday that has a cookie cut-out because it gives me the excuse to make this amazing cookies. I got four Easter cookie-cutters for $1 at Dans and some food coloring and we were set! We made the cookies into Easter Eggs, baby chicks, bunnies, and a church....yes, even a church =) Our good friends, the Brocks, helped us create the artistic decor.

Can you figure out this clue? (Hint: it's a pun)

(It's another pun! by Melissa)

(Artwork by Shawn)

To complete the Easter celebration, Josh was lucky enough to have the Easter bunny come visit him! He left him lots of treats and even some veggies to make up for all that candy!

The Easter Egg Hunt!

And we have spent every warm day this year playing outside. We have recently discovered a new love of tennis (pictures to come in the near future, pray for sunshine), picnics in the park, and Bocci ball (thanks to the Brocks, again, for the fun!)


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FU said...

I feel guilty every Easter because when Josh was on his mission we bought a bunch of Easter candy to send to him and Sam and I ate all of the Peeps that were supposed to be for Josh. Sorry again Josh. I am guilty, but it is a guilty pleasure. I Love the Peeps!