Friday, October 23, 2009

Cinderelli, Cinderelli.......

I love Gus-Gus on Cinderella. Often times I compare myself to him because I try to carry WAY to much all at once. Literally and perhaps figuratively as well. But nonetheless, Gus-Gus is cute. Well, this week at work I met his cousin under my desk. And he was still kinda cute, but he wasn't as chubby, he wasn't wearing any clothes, and he certainly didn't speak English. This little unwelcome buddy popped out from behind my drawers on Wednesday and terrified my office-mate and I. We immediately commenced in disinfecting our desks, key boards, phones, and all other surfaces because we soon discovered droppings in the window sill and in places on my desk. It looks like the threat of the Haunta Virus will be joining the threat of the Swine Flu! Luckily, though, the nice facilities man put a trap and some super sticky paper on the floor by my desk and to my surprise, it worked! I found the furry little friend this morning as I came into work. He was alive and super stuck. Hopefully the other mice we are discovering in the building will learn from this poor fellow's experience: DO NOT ENTER!

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