Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love my library card

I have recently rediscovered the county library and it is awesome! The idea that you can borrow a book for free and read it and then return it when you are done and not pay a penny feels revolutionary in a world where everything costs something. The library and I used to be good friends when I was younger. Reading is one of my most favorite past times. And then over time I somehow lost contact with the library until a friend of mine a few months ago reminded me of the goodness of the library. It's super high tech now! Did you know you can check out your books all by yourself now? You don't even need to talk to anyone to do it. It's all electronic with a touch screen and magnetic strips. And you can put books and movies (yes, not just the old ones like Hamlet, but new releases too!) on hold ONLINE! I know, how cool is that? So now, I have put several books and movies on hold that I've been wanting to read and watch and I'm so excited. Entertainment for free! Thank you Salt Lake County Library System!


Dasha said...

The library is my favorite thing ever. And self-checkout changed my life, mostly because I tend to get fines and now I don't have to deal with the librarian's judging eyes when I go to check out more books. Instead I can just hit the "next" button on the screen that tells me how much I owe the county library system. I heart technology.

Mackenzie said...

Well, not exactly free, are paying the taxes for it anyways, so you might as well use it. I just recently rediscovered the library and it has been wonderful for me too.