Friday, February 5, 2010

My first stitches

I did it! I finally did it! After 6 years of thinking about it, I finally had my wisdom teeth removed! I had great fears of what it would be like to get them removed. I've heard everyone's stories about how awful their experience was, and then several of how it wasn't too bad at all. But you know how the awful stories always stand out. I was nervous. I went in at 7:40am for the surgery, read through the awful possible effects, and signed my life away. My biggest fear was a lot of pain and naseau. I've never broken a bone, had stitches, any kind of surgery, or taken a narcotic. I had no idea how I would react to it all. But Josh gave me blessing the night before and blessed me with calmness, comfort, that everything would go well, and that I would recover well and quickly. And that comforted me. I knew everything would be okay.

They took me into a bigger room with that dental chair right in the middle. The nurse was very friendly and gentle. They stuck a needle into me, strapped my arms down and told me to close my eyes when I felt sleepy. I thought I was awake for a while at the moment, but looking back, I was out like a light. I can remember telling them to be gentle. Then I remember thinking (or perhaps I said it? I don't know) "man, this stuff works fast!" and I was gone. The next thing I remember (kind of) is the nurse helping me off the chair and walking me into another room to a comfy recliner with a warm blanket. It felt like seconds that I was there. I got really chatty and was full of questions, but I'm sure I wasn't all that coherent...after all, I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to focus on anything. When I got into the car and my mom drove me home, I immediately starting texting people telling them it went well and how good I felt. Because I felt great! I couldn't feel any pain and I wasn't swollen. I didn't even feel sick!

24 hours later I am still feeling great. I haven't even taken the narcotic they gave me and I'm very proud of myself. So I am super glad to report that getting my wisdom teeth out hasn't been near the nightmare I thought it would be. I haven't even lost my appetite. I'm hungry for regular food, but I'm sticking to the liquid/soft food diet. I'll be back to normal in no time! So if you haven't gotten your wisdom teeth out and you need to, just do it. It won't be the nightmare you expect either.


Carlita said...

yay heather! i was going to text you today to make sure it went well.. so i'm glad to have an update :)

let's hang out soon, when you can eat solid food. liquid food is not our forte. booya!

Mel said...

Hooray! I'm glad you're feeling well. Sounds like you made it through like a champ!!

Our Life Together said...

We are glad it went well!! Hope the recovery continues to go well =)

Dasha said...

So glad it went well! And that you didn't end up like the girl in your piano teacher's freaky story :) Sorry I was a bad visiting teacher and didn't check in on you.