Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter!! Having General Conference and Easter on the same weekend is the best. I loved listening to all the talks that were given. The talks that Sister Julie B. Beck gives are always so good. She speaks of the nobility, honor, and responsibilities of womanhood. She focuses on how women need to realize their potential, do what they are meant to do and do it well, like they can because that is how we were designed. She is inspiring. Many other talks were encouraging and inspiring as well...General Conference always is.
We also celebrated Easter during the weekend by dying hard boiled eggs with Curtis and Dorothy (can't wait for our bike rides!), having an Easter Egg Hunt for the kidlets (nieces and cute!), eating yummy meals and hanging out with both sides of the family, and of course, watching The Ten Commadments. I actually watched it to the end this year! Moses has a sweet beard.

The weekend ended all too soon again, but it sure was fun! Happy Easter!

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