Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm that aunt

Today my first niece turns 13 YEARS OLD!! She was born when I was in 4th Grade and I still remember how my family ran up to the hospital in the middle of the night to meet her just after she was born. She was tiny and red and super cute. I used to run home from school when my sister stopped by so I could hold the cute little one. Now she's in middle school, in young womens, she wears make-up and likes high heels, etc. etc., etc.! My how time flies! I always felt like I was the cool, hip aunt because I wasn't 40 years older than her with a grandma-poof hairstyle. And I promised I would never say "I remember you when you were a little girl!" and squeeze her cheeks. Haha. That didn't last long. I like to squeeze my nieces and nephews cheeks. I am that aunt.

A couple family dinners ago my sister brought pictures of her kids from when they were born to now (the ones you take annually). My nephew looked through his pictures with me and kindly pointed out to me, "And that's me when I was 2....and that's me when I was 3...I had lots of scrapes as a kid." (That hasn't changed much) I had to laugh. I know! I was there! Super cute kids. I love all of them to pieces. Happy Birthday Nikki!

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Dasha said...

That's crazy you have a niece that old! I bet she loves having an aunt somewhat close to her age though. My first nephew is only 4 and I'm already weirded out by how much he's grown.