Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring is here (for today)!

Hooray for sunshine. Hooray for flowers. Hooray for birds. Hooray for running rivers. Hooray for green grass and budding trees. Hooray for Spring! I love, love, love it! I haven't always been fond of Spring, but this year it has truly grown on me. I love running oustide in the mornings or the evenings in the cool sunshine. It's absolutely gorgeous and am excitedly anticipating another half marathon competition in just 3 weeks in this beautiful Spring weather! My sister and I ran 12 miles on Saturday and it was a perfect run. Cool air, warm sunshine, good conversation and company, and we finished strong. What more can you ask for? Currently, I'd like to ask for this mean cold of mine to go away. It started creeping up on me last week and I thought on Saturday morning that it was going away. Perhaps it was the long run that pushed it over the edge to cause me more misery. But I'd like to think it wasn't. So yesterday and today I'm giving myself a little R&R with my water bottle and box of tissues close by, my dependable Alka-seltzer, oranges (for vitamin C), and sleep. Yes, I plan on going to bed at 10:30pm again tonight (which NEVER happens), all so I can get back to running again. Get out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! I think it's taking another hiatus this week...

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