Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Josh and I on May 1st! We have been married for TWO years now! I really don't know how this second year flew by so fast, but it did. I thought the first year was good, and then the second year was even so much better, and I can only imagine what fun we will have as we embark on our 3rd year of marriage. Much happiness I imagine.

When we first started talking about getting married, I told him I didn't want to get married for a year...I said September 2008 sounded good. He told me no, we should get married May 1, 2008. I compromised to June, but he said no, it had to be May. So May it was and it was a glorious day. I don't regret it. But we didn't really think about it in regards to the school schedule...May 1st is always during Finals Week! So that makes it a little difficult to get away to celebrate. Luckily this year May 1st was on Saturday!

We celebrated by going up to Park City for the day and stayed in a SUPER ritzy hotel up there. (Good thing about May's off season for the ski resorts so you can find good deals at some really nice places!) Josh completely spoiled me with gifts and roses before we even left for PC, and then we enjoyed a bit of successful shopping up there too. My cousin and her husband were also up there celebrating their anniversary (their's is a day before ours) and we ran into each other! A pleasant surprise indeed. We shopped together for 3 hours and decided the more the merrier and ate dinner together too at the Blue Iguana. Yum!

The hotel we stayed in is fairly new and absolutely gorgeous! They only have valet parking and they carried all our luggage to our room for us. They even popped our popcorn for us! (I was a little sad about that though, he burned it pretty badly....obviously not a popcorn connoisseur like myself). It was a perfect and WONDERFUL anniversary! Wish we were still up there celebrating.

I love you my Joshua! Te amo muchisimo!

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Amy and Troy said...

Happy 2 years, Heather! Congratulations!