Friday, June 18, 2010

Strawberry Freezer Jam!

Perhaps all of you already knew that this wonderful preservative existed. I learned about it later in life. Like a year ago. I was hesitant to try it that first time just because of the name. I pictured strawberry jam with freezer burn. It's much better than that. Much better, in my opinion, than regular strawberry jam. It's like spreading fresh strawberries across your toast! It is soooo good. It is so good and so easy to make and that makes it even better! If any of you have made homemade jam before, you know it's a BIG STICKY mess. Freezer Jam, however, is easy and amazing. I made some last night and I can't wait to partake of its deliciousness.

- MASH -

- STIR -

- SET -

Make sure to follow the directions from the Pectin box (not my abbreviated version, of course). To make Freezer Jam you will need Pectin, fruit, light corn syrup, lots of sugar, and lemon juice in some cases. I highly recommend you try some!

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