Friday, June 24, 2011

It's ok to be a tourist

Utah is a great place to live because there is so much to do here. Josh and I absolutely love it. I was often been asked if we think we'll ever move. The truth? Probably not. It would have to be a really good reason to make us change our minds. In the summer we are busy waterskiing on the weekends with my parents and family. In the winter, we are busy snow skiing as much as we can with Josh's Uncle Scott and cousin Sam at Deer Valley and with my family at Snowbird. So in the Spring and Fall, we get busy doing all the other things, like hiking, biking, camping, riding Harleys with my parents...just plain being outdoors. We live to be outdoors.

One Spring Saturday when Josh wasn't working, we brainstormed about what hike we wanted to do. It felt like every hike we thought of we couldn't do because it was still under mounds of snow. Thus resulted the choice of the lowest elevation "hike" we knew: Ensign Peak! Neither of us had done it in years, and we had forgotten just how steep it gets. So it was a pleasant surprise to get a tiny bit of a workout from this short but beautiful hike. Thanks, Brigham Young!
Ensign Peak

After our "strenous" morning, we had to satiate our desire for some nourishment at reknowned Moochies. The delicious meatball sandwhich was MUCH too messy to document...would have gotten sauce all over the camera.

Our next hiking destinations this year include Mount Olympus, Lone Peak, and Timpanogus {if the snow melts}. Let us know if you want to come!


Dasha said...

I still haven't been to moochies! I think this needs to be remedied.

Ashley said...

Um..Moochies is amazing. Pretty sure I was the only female in the whole place last time I went.

Ericka and Wes said...

HEather my long lost buddy! Yeah for running and good work!! WOw! Your post on Utah got me even more excited to come back! We are in a year from now! Whoo Hoo! Good to read up! Lets plan a race when I get back!

melissa said...

Glad to se you're blogging again! I've been wondering when you'd get back at it... We miss you guys! Anytime you want to visit northern Cali, come see us! We have a guest room so you can stay with us, too. :) For your sake, I hope you neve have to move, but for my sake, I hope you move to Santa Rosa! xoxo