Friday, June 24, 2011

BYU Rugby

Of all the sports that are big in the the US of A, {BYU} football has to be my favorite. I understand it the best, it's probably the sport I've seen the most of, and it's outside! But there's another sport emerging with more popularity and I think I'm a fan. In my amateur opinion, it feels like a mix of football and soccer. BYU's Ruby Team recently played Cal State in a Championship and Josh and I made a point of going to the big game. Josh's sisters and mom came with us too!

Josh printed off a list of general rules for us to read through so we understood the game a little better. Man, the game is brutal! But it is SO fun to watch! Rugby is a totally unique game because the players don't wear pads and the clock never stops. So it completely changes things. The game is so constant that it actually held my attention! (I have a habit of watching everything in the stadium except the game...) BYU put up a good fight, but in the end Cal State took the win. It's ok, I'll always be a Cougar fan "day or night, rain or snow." And I'm pretty sure we'll be watching more Rugby next season :)


No, they aren't cheerleaders. This is actually part of the game!

The tackles are crazy. I'm sure these guys are so sore the day after a game.


Jeff and Mallory said...

I have loved catching up with you through your new posts! You guys are the cutest and have such I fun life! You make me feel lazy!

Cecilie said...

Perhaps you're talking about Cal Berkeley? They usually play at Stanford so I missed going to the game this year. Rugby scares me. Last time I saw a game I just kept thinking about all the brain damage that was occurring!