Friday, June 24, 2011

University of Utah Graduate!

It's official! Josh is a college graduate! He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and a Minor in Spanish. The University of Utah Graduation was May 6, 2011 and I was so excited for him to graduate that I made him participate in all of it! It was a marathon of day with the ceremonies and celebratory feasts.

after Commencement

Josh and his mom

Commencement was 9am at the Huntsman Center. We had to be there by 8am, so it was a bit of an early start. I was so glad Josh wore his red's what helped us find him as he walked in with all the other graduates dressed in their black gowns. I have to say, it was the best Commencement I've attended. Mitch Albom {known for Tuesdays with Morrie} was invited to speak and he gave an incredible speech. Most graduation speeches I've heard focus on remembering what they've learned scholastically and how to be successful with what they've learned. But Albom didn't. He focused on something much deeper. He explained that when we die, we don't have anything left except for our relationships. (Yes, we know this.) But what was remarkable is the setting in which he gave this speech and how powerful it was. This wasn't Sunday school, it was a public university's graduation ceremony. Albom told the graduates that it's not the awards, fame, money, physical assets, etc. that matter. They are nice and they are a goal for many of us, but what really matters is our relationships with one another. In short, it's all about love. He encouraged the graduates to always remember that nothing matters as much as our relationships and how we treat one another. Such a good message!

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory with and my mom & dad and Josh's mom

The most delectible sugar cookies you'll ever taste! Josh's mom gave him several of these cookies to celebrate his graduation. Yum!

Josh's convocation was held at 6pm later that same day. Long day! We expected the Convocation to be just Josh's college, but it was like half of the University! We waited for him to walk and get his "diploma" and then we peaced-out. All of Josh's family came and my sister, Alicia, and her family came to support Josh. Despite the long ceremonies, it was a great day to celebrate a huge accomplishment.

We are all so proud of you Josh for your hard work and diligence! Congratulations!!

(Grad Celebration at my parents the next day)


melissa said...

Congratulations, Josh! That's a huge accomplishment. Isn't it so great now that both of you are DONE??? Heather - can I get you to email me that sugar cookie recipe with the frosting recipe, too? I'm on a quest to make good sugar cookies, and so far I've struck out. Miss you guys!

Cecilie said...

Congrats Josh! I'm so glad that your blog is being updated again. I think about you guys often. Maybe you should move to California...